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E>Eye for dry eyes



E-Eye is a device that generates a polychromatic pulsed light by producing perfectly calibrated and homogenously sequenced light pulses.

The sculpted pulses are delivered under the shape of train pulses. The energy, spectrum and time period are precisely set to stimulate the Meibomian glands in order for them to return their normal function.

Treatment protocole

The session only take a few minutes
Patients are comfortably seated on a treatment chair, preferably tilted. The optometrist or ophthalmologist adjusts the metal eyewear protection on the patients head to protect their eyes from the light. They then apply a hydrogel on the skin to protect it.

A series of 4 flashes are applied under the lower eyelid, from the external canthus to the internal canthus, using the nominal power.
The same process is then repeated under the lower eyelid of the other eye.


The stimulation leads to the Meibomian glands returning to their normal function in a very short time (a couple hours) following the treatment. This improvement will last for about a week after the initial treatment two to three weeks following the second treatment, then from a couple months onward. The effect is cumulative.


  1.  Medical CE Certification (European Standard)
  2. TGA registration (Australian Standard)
  3. Warranty (2 years)
  4. Cutting edge technology
  5. Made in France: 100% developed and Made in France by E-Swin, the world largest medical IPL manufacturer certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.


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Technical specifications


Product name



E-SWIN (France)

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)

Max 740 x 460 x 610 mm


Max 11kg

Noise level

Max 55 dBA


100 – 240 VAC

Max power consumption

540 VA


50/60 Hz

Usage temperature

+5°C - +25°C

Authorised humidity (without condensation)

30 – 93 %

Storage temperature

-5°C - +65°C

Storage authorised humidity (without condensation)

30 - 93 %