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E>Eye IPL in your optometry practice

"With more than 4 million people in Australia (approx.. 20% of the population) suffering from dry eyes and 20% of that figure – or more than 800,000 individuals – suffering from chronic dry eyes, it is a problem that needs attention." (Source: MiVision – August 2013) If you agree with that, so do we!

Optometrists have been selling eye drops for years to treat the disease but thanks to the E>Eye they will now be able to treat the symptoms rather than the disease!

With low running costs, the E>Eye IPL treatment is also a great source of revenue for optometrists and still a very affordable treatment for dry eye sufferers.

An E>Eye treatment doesn't take more than 3 minutes (4 flashes under each eyelids) and doesn't cause any discomfort to the patient. Results are immediate and cumulative. For optimum results, treatments will be performed on Day 1, Day 10 and Day 30.

Prevention - the new face of optometry industry

The E>Eye is not only a great medical device for treating people suffering from Meibomian gland dysfunction but it is also a great tool for prevention.

"Optometry industry has to change to provide better healthcare to the public like dentistry industry changed years ago. Our role as optometrists should be to prevent people from getting eyes related issues such as dry eyes. Unfortunately until today, we didn't have any efficient prevention tools to help dry eyes sufferers. The E>Eye benefits for optometrists is obvious, by insuring the Meibomian glands to come back to their normal functions, we are minimising the risks of deteriorating the eye surface. Once the cornea is damaged, it is too late, that's why us as optometrists should inform the public and start prevention when we still have the time because once it is too late, there is nothing you can do anymore." Jim Kokkinakis from the Eye Practice in Sydney.

Treating each of your customers once a year with an E>Eye treatment will decrease the risk of getting dry eyes and complications associated with it. Optometrists will inform elderly people subject to dry eye issues due to Meiboman gland dysfunction.

E>Eye IPL in your optometry practice