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Yves-Vincent Brottier – E-Swin CEO

Yves-Vincent Brottier – E-Swin CEO
Creator of E>Eye IPL technology

Made in France

E>Eye Medical IPL devices are manufactured in France near Paris by E-Swin, the world largest medical IPL manufacturer, certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

E-Swin is a French company created in 2007 by Dr Yves-Vincent Brottier. The company became notorious with the creation of the E-One, which is the first and still the only IPL hair removal device medically certified for personal use at home. The E-One counts over 70,000 users worldwide… (available at

The success of the E-One gave E-Swin the incentive to pursue the development of IPL devices specifically manufactured for use within the aesthetic salons and clinics. This led to the development of the E-Eye for optometrists and ophthalmologists and a series of other IPL devices for collagen stimulation, pigmentation, vascular and acne treatments…

This was all in line with the company's philosophy: "To create innovative technology that will change habits and beliefs".

E-Swin is using the latest generation of controlled flash technology, 3rd generation of IPL technology, that is a breakthrough in the industry; this technology allows optimum results for treating dry eye syndrome.
Indeed, the E-Eye technology brings new safety standards for the eye; it is the only IPL device that can treat the dry-eye syndrome from low to severe cases. (Level 0 to Level 4 in the Oxford classification)