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About the pathology

The dry eye syndrome is a common pathology touching -depending on the geographical area- nearly 20% of the population with symptoms increasing with the age.

Conditions of a modern lifestyle involving: working on computer screens, driving cars, artificial lights, air pollution, wearing eye contact lenses, air conditioning… make dry eye syndrome a more and more common nuisance.

Generally speaking, dry eye conditions are the result of a lacrimal layer issue, either caused by insufficient tears or an excessive evaporation.

It is recognised that a large majority of cases are caused by the evaporative form, mainly due to an insufficiency of the external lipid layer of the lacrimal film secreted by Meibomian glands.

This evaporative form of dry eye syndrome is commonly named Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) which often leads to Meibomian blepharitis characterised by chronic inflammation of the eyelid.

Current treatments:

There aren't many solutions available on the market for people suffering from the evaporative form of dry eyes. Treatments currently available are mainly substitutions and are often insufficient to overcome the discomfort felt by patients:

  • Eye drops (artificial tears)
  • Stem glasses
  • Massage / expression of the glands…

Unfortunately none of those solutions are permanent and the effects only last for a couple of hours if not less.

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• Suitable for dry eye syndrome level 0 to 4 out of 4 (Oxford classification).
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